Sales Commission add on Processes

By | October 8, 2021

In Sage X3, commission module provides enhancement of existing commission feature of Sage X3. It helps in overcoming challenges such as accuracy in sales commission calculation. Today in this blog we will see what are the processes includes in our sales commission add on.

  1. Calculate Commission

In Sage X3, Commission module provides a feature to calculate commission on individual sales and on sales target. Also, it provides a feature to calculate additional commission on basis of margin and invoice amount if target achieved by particular sales rep.

Navigate to All -> Commission -> Processes -> Calculate Commission

As per search criteria showing in figure 2, user can select company, sales site, sales group, sales invoice and calculation by year, period and date range basis. Commission on individual sales will be calculated as per commission rate setup which will define for every customer category and product category. On sales target, commission will be calculated for every sales rep as per target defined in target setup screen.

Calculate commission also provides a feature to recalculate commission as well as additional commission if user wants to recalculate it.

2. Adjust Commission

This process will allow user to edit calculated commission for given sales representative which is not yet posted.

Navigate to All -> Commission -> Processes -> Adjust Commission

User can select range of sales group, Sales invoice and customer for which they need to edit commission. It will adjust commission positively or negatively as shown in figure 3.

3. Post Commission

Post commission provides a feature to post commission which is calculated on individual sales as well as sales target. This process will post commission for invoices to the journal entries using the accounts which already defined in main setup screen.

Navigate to All -> Commission -> Processes -> Post  Commission

User can select invoice date range, invoice range and customer filter for which they need to post commission. It will also post manual commissions which are calculated manually.

4. Process Commission Payable

This process will pay the commission to respective sales representative for the transactions which is posted but not paid. Payment method i. e. AP Bill, Journal, manual for paying to sales rep will be defined for every sales rep. As per payment method payment entries are done. On AP Bill, supplier BP invoice and on journal, journal entries are generated.

Navigate to All -> Commission -> Processes -> Process Commission Payable

5. Update utility for sales group

This process allows to change sales group on sales order as well as sales invoice which is not posted commission. Sometimes after calculating commission user wants to change sales person from sales group or wants to update commission share for sales persons in the sales group.

User can select Sales group, range of sales order or sales invoice which they want to update sales group.

6. Reverse Posted Commission

This is a feature with the ability to delete/reverse posted commissions which were accidentally posted with wrong commission group, amount, rate, etc. User can reverse the commissions through this screen and start over with recalculation of commissions and re-posting it. Also User can delete the completed state Invoice commissions whose GL/ employee commissions are not posted. At times, even any of the erroneous commissions posted mistakenly can be reversed through this screen.

Navigate to -> All -> Commission->Processes->Reverse Posted Commission

The posted state Invoice commissions are eligible for reversal. If even one of the attached employees has been paid the commission amount, then the commission reversal for that Invoice will not be done. If within the selected range, few Invoices have commissions that are paid, then those Invoices will be skipped from reversal. The posting date for the reversed journal entry will be the selected Reverse Date on above Filters screen; otherwise, today’s date by default.

This is how processes of commission module work in Greytrix Sales Commission Module.