How to track Sales quote

By | October 22, 2021

Sage X3 provide us a function where we can keep the tracking of the changes done in header and detail level of the quote. This function is known as revision management in sage X3. If a user does any kind of modification in header level or line level of quote we will be able to see what field is been modified and how many times the quote is been modified. Once the revision management is on we are able to see the revision field at the header level which holds the count of modification done to that particular quote. Thus the revision management helps users to save their time in finding what modification is done to the quote. The modified field appears in red color normally and it is also possible to print a report for the change records.

To use revision management in quote we will have to turn it on by changing a parameter value named ‘SALREVQ’.


Set the SALREVQ parameter to ‘Managed on demand’ or ‘Managed automatically.

When the SALREVQ parameter is set to “Managed on demand”, the user will receive a message asking to confirm the changes. As shown in below figure.

When the SALREVQ parameter is set to “Managed automatically”, the revision will generate automatically when the quote is modified.

As discussed before once we turn on the parameter for revision management we get a field in header level of quote which holds the count of modification done for that quote, which keep increasing by 1 each time the quote is modified. Refer the below figure.

If the quote has signature workflow on, the revision management turns on only if the quote is completely signed and if the quote is not managed for signature workflow then the quote must be printed before revision.

In the below example we have kept the SALREVQ parameter to “Managed automatically” and we have a signature workflow on for quote. We have created a quote and then signed the quote completely. As the signature is completely signed and quote is modified, the revision management button gets enabled. After this if we try to modify the header level the ‘revision no.’ field will get increased by 1 and we can check the modified quote by clicking on ‘revision management’ button. If we would keep the parameter on “Managed on demand” then we would face the pop-up to confirm and if we hit on yes then only we can check the revision.

And as discussed above, the field which is modified in a quote appears in red color in revision management. This indicates users that the field is modified in the particular revision number.

Hence, if we need to keep a track on changes done by users in quote we can enable the revision management parameter and follow the above steps.