How to update patch finder in Sage X3V12

By | October 27, 2021

In our previous blog we have mentioned that Sage X3 v12 has introduce a patch finder. Follow below link for more details.

Installation and steps to use the Patch Finder :

As we know the patch finder allows to search for details in bug fixes, enhancements, entry points and other technical modifications delivered in each of the Sage X3 Releases (Patch level), along with their references, items and metadata that were modified, attributes and descriptions. Patch finder is a tool which helps user to:

  1. Use to searching for bug fixes that Sage would have already issued in Releases subsequent to your customer’s Release.
  2. Allow checking your customizations against modified Sage X3 core elements.
  3. Helps to Looking for the latest Entry Points.
  4. And more generally, getting insight into the technical details of all the modifications done in Sage X3 Releases including metadata and scripts.

As of now the Patch Finder application is installed locally so we need to update the patch finder manually to make this compatible with new version.

In this blog we will see how to update the patch finder in Sage X3 V12:

Rather than reinstalling the new patch finder we can update the patch finder by using the quick update method. With every new release of sage X3 version the patch finder JSON file is also get release. Once we have our 2021 R3 JSON files downloaded on the PC where the V12 PatchFinder is installed, we would need to determine the V12 PatchFinder installation path.

Image of json file extraction in folder

Then we need to locate the JSON folder, this is where we would need to extract the new 2021 R3 JSON files. Need to copy the file directory path from here.

Once we have copied the JSON folder path, then we need to navigate back to the directory where we have downloaded the JSON file. You need to extract the file, while extracting the folder system will ask you to select the location where you want to extract the file. Just enter the copied location which you have copied JSON folder path.

Then select Ok, once you’ve defined your file directory to extract the contents. Now system will ask a confirm File replace prompt, indicating if you would like to replace the existing json file. Select Yes to replace the files.

Once we have done with the extraction of data, we would need to access our V12 PatchFinder shortcut or close and re-open the V12 PatchFinder to refresh the data. After completion of all this update steps we need to just confirm below points:

  1. Need to verify that the 2021 R3 (12.0.27) is listed in releases under the Search Tab
  2. Need to verify under the Technical Components Tab that release 2021 R3 (12.0.27) displays.

This is how we can easily update the patch finder in Sage X3 v12 new versions instead of reinstalling it in new version. This will saves our time of reinstalling the patch finder.