How to add missing Web Client Session menu in latest patches of Sage X3

By | December 29, 2021

When we upgrade to a latest Syracuse component for version 12 patches after patch 12, we have noticed that in Sage X3 under Administration module, in session management, Web Client Session menu item is missing. This is a minor bug exists when we update to latest Syracuse component.

As you can see, if you navigate to below path then you will find that Web Client Session menu is missing as shown in below figure 1.

Administration > Usage > Session Management

In above figure 1, you will find that Web Client Sessions menu is missing.

To resolve this, follow the below steps:

Step 1 : Open Menu Submodule from navigation.

Navigate to the below path in Sage X3 :Administration > Authoring > Pages > Menu Submodules

Step 2: Select Menu Submodule S_USAGE.

Select Menu Submodules. It will open all standard as well as customised submodules. In Code filter you need to enter USAGE. It will filter all submodules having word USAGE in their code. From the results click on edit icon next to S_USAGE icon as shown in figure 3.

Step 3: Selection of icon to add menu item

After clicking on edit icon, it will open S_USAGE menu submodule screen. In Contents tab, you will find icon which is highlighted under session management as shown in below figure 4.

After clicking on icon, it will open menu items screen where you need to enter “Web” under title column select Web Client Session as shown in below figure 5.

Step 5 : Save Menu Submodule S_USAGE after changes.

Click on OK. After that you will find that Web Session Client menu is added beside of Session information and Save the changes by selecting Save from the Menu Actions under the top right-hand side as shown in below figure 6.

Step 6 : Log out of Sage X3 and log in back.

Log out of X3 and back in, ensuring to clear the Browser cache before logging back in again. If you will navigate after login again to the following path.

Administration > Usage > Session Management > Web Client Sessions

you can see that Web Client Session menu is back with its functionality as shown in below figure 7.