How to make adding a functional authorization easier

By | February 28, 2022

Functional authorizations are used to restrict access to functions within X3. If a user needs to create a sales order, we need to give them the functional authorization to GESSOH (sales orders). If we don’t want a user to have access to purchase orders, make sure they don’t have the functional authorization for GESPOH (purchase orders). The functional authorizations are grouped together by a function profile to make it easier to create users in Sage X3.

We can access functional authorizations in two ways.

Navigate to: Setup> Users > Functional authorization.

Navigate to: Setup > Users> Function profile and click on Authorizations

Most of the time, you will want to go through Function profile.

Go to Function Profile, we will create a new profile code ZTEST. Now we have a Function profile ZTEST but if we assign this to a user, they won’t have access to anything. A function profile is just a way to group authorizations to make user administration easier. We need to add all the needed authorizations. If we click on Authorizations at this point, the Functional authorization screen won’t really show anything because there are no authorizations for this profile. We need to add them. Refer below figure.

Fig 1 : Functional profile

Now, click on New and enter a function we need. Here we will enter GESSOH (sales order)and save. Refer below figure.

Fig 2 : Functional authorization

On the function profile screen, we will choose the profile we want to copy the authorizations from, in this case, ADVT. Then click on Authorizations at the top right. This screen will show a bunch of authorizations on the left list. Then click on merging.

Fig 3 : Functional authorization

If we want to copy all the authorization from ADVT to the authorization we have created then go to the ADVT authorization click on the merging button select the profile code ZTEST then click OK. The message box will appear for confirmation of merging click yes. Refer below figure.

Fig 4 : Confirmation Message

Now, if we go back to the function profile, choose ZTEST and click on Authorizations, we will see all the same authorizations that were on the ADVT profile.

In the ZTEST function profile if we want to add access to everything in the Stock module. We could go to the navigation menu and figure out all the functions that are in that module and add them manually but of course there’s an easier way.

Choose the ZTEST function profile and click on Authorizations. Now click on Addition. On Click of addition below screen will display.

Fig 5 : Module

There are two ways to do this. We can expand the Stock module on the left list and choose the options we want or we can click on Module at the top right. When we use Module, it checks all the options under stock but we can accomplish the same thing by checking the check box next to stock.

In this way we can make addition of functional authorization easier.