How to validate menu item

By | November 24, 2022

Sometimes we come across situations in Sage X3, where after creating a custom screen, you decide to create a separate menu item for that screen (as per client requirement or any other needs) and attach that particular menu item to the menu tree as per the respective & required module.

But most of the time when we try to attach the menu item to the menu tree, even though after editing the home page, it tends to remain invisible in the menu tree where it was supposed to be present / visible. Then people tend to follow traditional method, or we can say that a quick fix which involves the user and forces them to log out – login from Sage X3 multiple times so that changes can take place. After such inefficient & number of times repeating the process, it works i.e. menu item starts to get displayed in the menu tree.

But this approach is inefficient and not recommended for attaching / adding menu items as it may cause problems in the near future.

As we know, Sage X3 provides with different types of validation and processing such as validations of screen, windows, table, object, local menu, etc. so that applied settings/changes can take place/reflected into the system. In the same manner, X3 provides an option for the validation of menu items as per the user role.

In order to validate menu item, follow the given steps below:

Go to : Development > Utilities > Dictionary > Validations > Menus (Refer the given images for extra clarity).

Or its function can be called directly from the search / home navigation.

Fig 1 : Menus

(For older version of Sage X3, you can find it in the same module)

Fig 2 : Update Menu

After clicking on Menus, a pop-up/select list will appear in which user type/role type needs to be selected and then hit the OK button. Sage X3 validates the menu item for us into the respective module. After the successful validation, the menu starts to appear in the menu tree and is ready to serve the requirement.

By following the above steps we can easily validate menu items for any type of user as per the need along with saving extra time.