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Add menu in Sage ERP X3

Steps to add that menu in your menu profile New Stuff: How to execute workflow programmatically? Navigate to: Setup > Users > Menu profile. Select your “Menu profile”. Then right click on the “Starting Menu” and click on “Add a menu” (See the below screen shot). Below screen will get pop up, enter the Menu… Read More »

Adding Menu Items in Sage ERP X3 Version 7

Our first blog post on Sage ERP X3 version 7 and we have an interesting article to begin with: Our experience at adding function menu on the menu tree of version 7. Our GUMU™ Integration Solution: GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage ERP X3 Integration ~real-time, bi-directional, multi-folder We created a function as we do in… Read More »

Create Menu Tree Structure in Sage X3

User Menu Profile in Sage X3 allows a user to create a menu tree structure to access the various functions of the X3 based on two additional setups: Profile Type and Start Menu Also Read: Adding new option/Button in Menus in Sage X3 Parameters -> Users -> Menu Profile (GESAPN)  User Menu Profile: This is… Read More »