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How To Change Pay date in Employee Payslip in X3 People?

In X3 People, each employee has their payslip generated for each month. In Employee Payslip master, we can see payslip generated for a particular month. We may come across the situation when we need to change the pay month in Employee Payslip Master. In order to change this, follow the below steps. Navigate to :… Read More »

How to Lock Employee Payslip (Sage Enterprise Management People)

In Sage X3 People, we may come across a scenario where we may restrict the re-calculation of Employee Payslip. Employee Payslip is a document an employee receives either as a notice that the direct deposit transaction has gone through, or is attached to the paycheck. Navigate to: Payroll → Payslips → Employee Payslips When Employee… Read More »

How to find Total Payslip Count (Sage X3 People)

In our recent blog “Headings, Variables and Totals (Sage X3 People)”  we have discussed Headings, Variables, and Totals. Now we are going to see about Payslip Count.  PAYSLIP:- It is a piece of paper received by an employee showing how much salary they have been paid in the current pay month. “Generally Payslip are being created… Read More »