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How to find Total Payslip Count (Sage X3 People)

In our recent blog “Headings, Variables and Totals (Sage X3 People)”  we have discussed Headings, Variables, and Totals. Now we are going to see about Payslip Count.  PAYSLIP:- It is a piece of paper received by an employee showing how much salary they have been paid in the current pay month. “Generally Payslip are being created… Read More »

Checking the Type of variable

Sometimes when you do coding, you may come across a situation where you don’t know what is the data type of the variable and you may be initializing the variable which may give you “Type compatibility error”. This issue can be handled in the code. If you have a check on this variable with the… Read More »

Checking the Existence of variable

You may come across the situation where you need to find the syntax which checks the scope of the variable and helps you to find out the existence of the variable. This syntax will help you avoiding a basic crashing issue “variable non-existence.” This will be handled just by checking variable with the help of… Read More »

Handling GPE Variable in Sage X3

We are doing certain customizations in Sage ERP X3. We have added some additional fields in the Sales Invoice table [SINVOICE]. As far as screen is concerned we have placed an extra Tab [i.e. extra screen] in OSIH window. We are handling those fields in SPV (or SPE) process using “INICRE” action. For e.g. [F:SIH]XXXDAT… Read More »