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How to create Arrival document formula (Enterprise Management HR)

In Enterprise Management HR, we may come across a condition where we may need to create Arrival document formula. This can be achieved with the below steps:- Navigate to Personnel Administration –> Administrative Documents –> Document formula Code:- Create the code for the formula. Title:- Specify the Title Type:- The type will be Employee as… Read More »

How to download a file in a Client Workstation

In Sage X3, we can create a file in the desired location and also move from one folder to another. We got a requirement from a client to get the file downloaded from the browser. To achieve this Sage X3 provides a subprogram ‘COPCLI’ which takes the file path as a parameter and downloads the… Read More »

To identify the server in which the current folder is installed in Sage X3

adxmac is a function used to identify the server in which the current folder, or one of its reference folder, is installed. It also allows you to obtain the network name of the client (in version 7 mode, the client is the node.js server) Syntax:  adxmac(Index) Examples:  # What is the application server name APPSERV_NAME=adxmac(0)… Read More »