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How to upgrade Apache Service with binary files

We may came across a scenario where we want to upgrade apache service using binary files. We can achieve this by using below steps: Note: Here we are upgrading apache from 2.2.17 to 2.2.34. Download the zip file for apache 2.2.34. Extract it in the system. Stop the apache service. Copy all the files from extracted… Read More »

Sage X3 V11 – Perform stock multi-counting (Part 1)

How repeating counts reduces the risk of errors in stock count process. In older versions, Sage X3 allowed single count entry, now in V11 you can count the same stock for several times and keep track of each stock count with its total. Though both the single count and multi-count processes are still available. The… Read More »

Auditing Connections in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 has come up with an interesting feature through which users can now easily monitor or Audit connections in Sage X3. These can be done whenever the AUDIT activity code is activated, the sage software is able to trace all the connections/disconnections to the current folder. These data stored in the ALOGIN table,… Read More »

How to solve “Valuation Method Not Found” error

We may face an error that “Valuation method not found” during the creation of miscellaneous receipt. Follow below steps to overcome this error: Below is the screenshot of the error message you may face during the creation of miscellaneous receipt. Error Message while creation of Miscellaneous Receipt To solve this error Navigate to Products >Products… Read More »

Add the Comment (Line level Text) in the Detail line

In some cases, we need to add the comment or some text in the detail line level. In Sage X3 we have that functionality to add the comment and some text at line level. We can add the text to line level as follows. Step 1: In the detail line level, we need to click… Read More »

Find a particular value from a series of Numerical, Alphanumerical or Date Expressions or Variables

We may have come across a situation where you need to find a particular value from a series of numerical, alphanumerical or date expressions or variables. This can be achieved using “find”. Syntax: find(value_to_seek, list_exprg) value_to_seek is the value that needs to be found list_exprg is the series of numerical/alphanumerical/date expressions/variables Example: Consider an example… Read More »