To identify the server in which the current folder is installed in Sage X3

By | May 9, 2018

adxmac is a function used to identify the server in which the current folder, or one of its reference folder, is installed. It also allows you to obtain the network name of the client (in version 7 mode, the client is the node.js server)




# What is the application server name



An index is an integer value expression that can have the following values:

  • ‘-2’ : the client. If using a ‘classic non-browser client’ then this value contains the client name or ip of where the classic client is running. If running a browser client, the web server supporting the browser connection is returned.
  • ‘-1’: the process server where the script is executing.
  • ‘0’ :the application server where the folder being accessed is installed. If the adxmac(0) is equal to blank (“”) then the application is the same as the process server. To return the server id or ip in this case use adxmac(-1). Note, that most X3 scripting routines that require a server id or ip accept adxmac(0) being blank and resolve blank server names.
  • ‘N’: the application server where the parent folder nomap(N) is installed (it is also the folder adxmother(N-1)). If blank then the application server is the same as the process server returned in adxmac(-1).

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