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How to create a report in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive business intelligence solution integrated with your Sage business management system to help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and make faster, better-informed decisions. It empowers all users with a simple solution to access and analyse data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate… Read More »

How to add images as columns in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) view

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive business intelligence solution integrated with the Sage business management system that helps business users spend less time analyzing and reporting, making faster, more informed decisions. It provides all users with a simple solution for self-sufficient access and analysis of data, eliminating the need for disparate tools and expertise and… Read More »

Use of MAXALLQTY parameter

In a normal business scenario, Manufacturing plays an important role as it is a key part of any business process. Manufacturing is the creation or production of goods with the help of equipment, labour, machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. It is the essence of the secondary sector of economy. The manufacturing… Read More »

Reorder Plan function

During stock reordering, this function is used to perform and validate stock change movements, as well as the reordering of stock locations. Reorder requirements can originate from shortages of different types: • Replenish-able locations • Consumption areas • Shortages on location. In the reorder plan, the types to be processed depend on the setup of… Read More »

How to pass bigger value in header parameter while executing rest web services

Sage X3 provides a feature of REST web services used for calling external or third party API’s. It can be used for integrating third party solution with sage X3. For executing this API’s, Sage X3 uses ASYRRESTCLI library. This library gives access to functions used to perform outgoing REST web services. The function used for… Read More »