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Sage 300 ERP - Document Numbering Addon

Greytrix Middle East introduces its document numbering system, Add-On, tailored to the Sage 300 ERP system, offering indispensable solutions for businesses across diverse sectors. This innovative add-on enhances document accessibility, streamlines management processes, and bolsters security measures, which are crucial for navigating the Middle East region's competitive environment. Customized features enable the alignment of document numbering with specific regulatory and operational demands, facilitating better decision-making and compliance adherence. Organizations gain a competitive edge by optimizing document management capabilities and aligning operations with local regulations and market demands. Document management software solutions are valuable for businesses seeking to thrive amidst the region's rapidly evolving business landscape, providing tailored solutions to meet unique Middle Eastern challenges and opportunities.

Features of Document Numbering Addon for Sage 300 ERP

Document management software is an easy solution for generating document number sequences that include various segments.

The data is divided into five segments: Prefix (Document Type), Number, Fiscal Year, Location, and Custom (To Be Determined).

A unique code, i.e., Document Structure Code, can be assigned to each setup.

The addon reads Account Set/Location to find the structure code. If not found, standard numbering logic is used.

The interface is designed to be user-friendly, enabling a distinct numbering structure for each document type.

The Numbering Structure option allows users to create custom numbering series.

The Numbering Mapping option determines the numbering structure for transactions based on the associated Account set or Location.

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