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Sage 300 ERP - Three-way PO Matching Addon

Greytrix Three-Way PO Matching addon is a robust solution that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of procurement processes. By seamlessly comparing purchase orders, order receipts, and invoices, it swiftly identifies any discrepancies, ensuring prompt resolution and compliance. With features like cross-verification of item quantities, it guarantees precise financial reporting and minimizes the risk of errors such as over-receiving. Automation saves time, reduces manual errors, and fosters stronger vendor relationships, contributing to smoother financial management. In essence, Sage 300 addon is indispensable for Middle Eastern businesses seeking to optimize procurement operations, uphold financial standards, and drive operational excellence.

Features of Three-way PO Matching Addon for Sage 300 ERP

Ensure the quantity of items ordered matches the quantity on the receipt to avoid discrepancies and ensure a smooth transaction.

An easily configurable validation rule can be established

Get notified instantly when any discrepancies in quantity are detected

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