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purchase order return

How To Create Purchase Order Return ?

Users occasionally find themselves in a situation where they want to undo a transaction after having incorrectly created Purchase Receipts…
configure auto number

How to Configure Auto-number on Customers in Sage X3 ?

Sage X3 is ideal for businesses, particularly manufacturers and distributors, looking for significant business ERP…

Add a Report

How to Add a Report to a Sage X3 Module ?

One of the most critical functions that customers require from their ERP is the ability to customize generated reports. Sage X3…

blog Fiscal year

How to Re-open a Fiscal Year Opening in Sage X3 ?

To post a financial entry to a closed fiscal year is a common practice. Multiple years and periods can be entered for transactions in Sage X3…


How to set up the default currency for a bank account in Sage X3?

Some users would like to maintain different bank accounts with their respective currencies for easier payment processing and accurate bank reconciliation…

Early Settlement Discount for Customers in Sage X3

Customers frequently pay invoices on time and even ahead of schedule, so as a gesture of appreciation, you could feel inclined to offer a discount to those who consistently pay their bills on time. This might…

How do we turn on payment deletion tracking

How do we turn on payment deletion tracking?

Open Parameter values under Setup, General parameters. The parameter can be set at the Folder, Legislation, or Company level. For this example, we will set the parameter at the Folder level. Select Chapter TRS…
Running the Fiscal Year End

Running the Fiscal Year End

Running the fiscal year-end process in Sage X3 involves several steps to close out the current fiscal year and prepare for the next one. Here are the general steps you can follow to run the fiscal year end in Sage X3…
Reversing the Bank Reconciliation in Sage X3

Reversing the Bank Reconciliation in Sage X3

You were reconciling your bank account when the keyboard malfunctioned and cleared the transactions, closing the bank reconciliation…
Tracking of Sales Representative and Commission

Tracking of Sales Representative and Commission in Sage X3

When a sales representative makes a sale, they receive a sales commission. The commission amount is recorded…
How to assign a product status in Sage X3

How to Assign a Product Status in Sage X3

Products from suppliers need a status before moving to the next step. (to the warehouse, out to another customer, etc.) Sage X3 simplifies this process…
How to create a direct work order from a sales order

How to Create a Direct Work Order From a Sales Order

We have instances where a user would want to directly create a work order from a sales order without necessarily going through…
Duplicated business partners with balances

Duplicated Business Partners with Balances?

Often times when there is no control on who creates business partner masters in sage x3, there ends up a scenario where a business partner…
Batch Processing

Sage 300 People Batch Processing: Streamlining HR Operations

Sage 300 People, a comprehensive HR and payroll management system, offers a valuable “Batch Processing” feature…
Purchase request

How to Create a Purchase Request from the Planning Workbench in Sage X3V12

In Sage X3, we have a function planning workbench to create purchase orders, requests, and suggestions. This function gives us…

Steps to Set Up User Delegates for Approvals in Sage X3

Have you gone out for a holiday with minimal access to emails, or better still, you do not want calls to approve this or that.
ERP Transformations Across Industries

Discover How Greytrix Middle East Contributes to ERP Transformations in Different Industries

Staying ahead of the curve requires a strategic approach to managing resources, workflows, and data in the dynamic…

Reversing the Bank Reconciliation Status in Sage X3

Sometimes, during the bank reconciliation process, certain transactions that should have been reconciled properly…
Restrict Users from Cloning Documents

How to Restrict Users from Cloning Documents in Sage X3

Sales Order (GESSOH) is one of the main functions that allow users to clone existing documents to speed up the document creation process.

Steps to Reset the User’s Password in Sage 300 People

If a user forgets their password and cannot log in, you can reset their password as an admin user…

How to Match Open Items in Sage X3

Sage X3 uses an automatic matching process when posting open items, which is applied to other open items…

Process to Organize Your Work Orders in Sage X3

When a work order is created, the Allocation field on the header can default to “Complete” or “Not allocated” depending…

How to Review the Currency Rate History in Sage X3

For audits, budgeting, or testing purposes, there might arise a need to review currency rate history…

Steps to Add New Modifier Lines to Product Accounting Code

During interaction with the Sage X3 system, additional modifiers to accounting codes for products may arise.

How to Change Mass Product Category in Sage X3

Do you want to do a mass change of the category for thousands of your products and you do not know how to do that?

How to Create AP Approval Workflow in Sage Intacct ERP

Defining an AP approval workflow in Sage Intacct streamlines the approval process for invoices, bills…

How to Centralize Supermarket Branches Orders with Sage X3

In the distribution trade industry, imagine managing orders centrally for supermarket chains, yet…

How to Link Multiple Employees to a New Leave Policy in Sage 300 People

Managing employee leave can be complex, especially with diverse policies across departments. Sage 300 People…

How to Filter Out the Left List in Sage X3

A very simple option is the filters at the top of the Left List columns. Clicking on the Funnel icons will display…

Save Time with Sage X3 Multi-Company Period Opening

Save Time with Sage X3 Multi-Company Period Opening

Multi-company period opening (TRTPERMC) is found under Common data – General accounting tables.

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