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We have created many of the integration utilities that work independently without any human interventions. All of these integrations are Import type integrations. Our utility will search file on defined path, read the data & import it into Sage 300. Here customers need to manually copy integration files from ftp to local machine (where integration… Read More »

Import GL Batch through Web API in Sage 300

Many organizations use multiple software systems for managing their organization. These multiple software systems often need to exchange data with each other or there will duplicity of data. Web Services here plays an important role in integration with multiple software system. We have created a new API for user to create GL Batch Entry in… Read More »

Using SQL Commands instead of SQL Views in Sage 300 Reports

With Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting, you get a number of Customized and user specific reports that befit your business needs. These crystal and .dll reports are fully customizable and ready to use with drill down capabilities. New Stuff: Modified Tax Summary Representation in Sage 300 Reports In Sage 300, we use crystal reports to print several… Read More »

Identifying Number of Revisions of your Purchase Order (PO)

  New stuff:- Simplified AP Invoice Report in Sage 300 Business managers especially sales and purchase managers often need to track and manage purchase/sales orders as well as any revisions in the same. They also ought to identify the reason for revisions to help trace user accuracy in the ERP system. In our standard screen of… Read More »

Simplified AP Invoice Report in Sage 300

Enterprise resource Planning is type of software that connects day-to-day business process including order management, inventory and customer relation management. The main application of an ERP Software is to collect and organize data from various levels and provide the management a clear picture of profit and loss. New Stuff: GL Report with Source Document Tax Amount… Read More »

Validation on Financial Registration Numbers as per defined norms

In the previous blog we have seen details about auto generated vendor number on Vendor Master Screen for reference – new Stuff :-Auto Vendor / Customer Code Generation in Sage 300 ERP Continued with the same have done customization on the same vendor master screen for exact validation of GSTIN & PAN No according to… Read More »

GL Report with Source Document Tax Amount

General ledger is a very important module of an ERP system. It contains the company’s assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue, and expenses. This module contains the company’s accounting records. The GL holds the financial transactions of the company. This module contains the detail information that is necessary to prepare the ledger reports, liabilities etc. For… Read More »