Hide or Remove Presentation Strings from Drop Down Controls in Sage 300 ERP

By | October 5, 2013

Drop down controls are data aware controls.  It displays the choices for selection.  Say for e.g.; Document Type under I/C Transfers screen displays a choice for document types i.e.; Transfer, Transit Transfer and Transit Receipt.  These choices are referred as presentation items and are stored in database.
Say if you have a requirement where you want to restrict certain presentation items for certain users or you do not want a particular presentation item to appear in the list then you can achieve this with a simple customization without affecting the database structure.
This blog provides technical guidelines for customizing the behavior of drop-down controls.

 – Transit Transfer and Transit Receipt in GreyMatrix for Sage 300 ERP

Let’s take an example of I/C Transfer screen.  Here we want to remove “Transfer” presentation item (choice) from Document Type drop down.
Customize I/C Transfer screen and follow below code snippet:
Define the custom fields in general declaration section:
‘Custom fields control for removing the options
Private WithEvents customFecDocType As AccpacCustomField
‘Custom presentation string
Private CustomPresentationStr_DocType As IAccpacCustomFieldPresentsStrings
‘Implement the option removing code in OnUIAppOpened sub procedure
Private Sub AccpacIC3410UICtrl1_OnUIAppOpened ()
On Error Go To ErrorHandler
‘Removing the option from control
 Set customFecDocType = New AccpacCustomField
‘Initialize the custom field with the document type field
customFecDocType.InitFromField dsICTREH.Fields.FieldByID(“15”)
With customFecDocType
Set CustomPresentationStr_DocType = .PresentationStrings
‘remove the option which you need to remove from combo box “transfer”
CustomPresentationStr_DocType.RemoveByValue 1
‘set defualt value to “transfer”           CustomPresentationStr_DocType.SetFieldValue 1
End With ‘with customFecDocType
‘set doc type control with the custom control in which we have removed the option
Set afecDoctype.AccpacField = customFecDocType
‘Removing the option from control
ErrorHandler (“AccpacIC3410UICtrl1_OnUIAppOpened”)
End Sub
After implementing the customization; “Transfer” option will be removed from Document Type drop down.
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