Sage 300 ERP for Ready Mix Concrete Industry

By | February 28, 2014

Water, Cement and Aggregates – The formula seems very simple, but in reality concrete manufacturing is a far more complex process. The good quality concrete is a homogeneous mixture of Water, Cement and Aggregates with the right proportions and conditions of the material and a detailed examination of the other affecting external factors. The development of formula for concrete requires very advanced scientific skills.  Ready mix concrete has advantages in the area where there is immediate requirement of concrete mixture e.g. mainly in the building of bridges, FOBs, or Road Constructions.


The modular base architecture of Sage 300 ERP covers 360 degrees business operation of this industry.

Greytrix and Sage ERP / CRM
The perfect combination for clients across various industries in India

Purchase order module covers on time Requisition, Receipts of aggregates, sand and other products. The module also offers rate sealing with your vendors and purchase history to be floated on just single click of a button. The purchase module communicates with other module to ensure the constant flow of information, the module is fully integrated with Inventory control and Accounts payables.

In the tedious process of Concrete Production, Inventory Control Module plays a very important role. It helps to derive actual production cost of finished goods among many other functions. For Example, One can define Bill of Material containing proportionate quantities of Aggregates, Cements, Sand and Fly Ash (flue-ash) for 1 Cubic Meter Ready mix concrete. This BOM can accommodate Fixed Costs like Labor, Water Consumption etc. and Variable Costs as well. Measuring and reporting of these costs help to derive the Actual Production cost of final produce.

Sales Order, Shipment and invoicing functionality of Sage 300 ERP’s Order Entry Module helps analyze customer wise and grade wise Pending orders to work on, in turn enabling reduction of Turnaround Time (TAT). The same data can also simplify the business’s overall profitability and help arrive at the optimum proportion for the formula for ready mix concrete.

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