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Sage 300 ERP for Ready Mix Concrete Industry

Water, Cement and Aggregates – The formula seems very simple, but in reality concrete manufacturing is a far more complex process. The good quality concrete is a homogeneous mixture of Water, Cement and Aggregates with the right proportions and conditions of the material and a detailed examination of the other affecting external factors. The development… Read More »

Sage 300 ERP in Sugar Industry

Implementing an ERP application in Sugar industry domain is one of the challenging tasks due to the complex process and much more complex reporting. The processes in Sugar Industry are a lot different compared to other industrial domains. It’s very important that the system makes sure that it handles all the defined process to establish… Read More »

Sage 300 ERP for Ceramics Industry

The word Ceramic comes from Greek word ‘Keramikos’ which means ‘for pottery’ / ‘of pottery’. Unlike the origin of the word ceramics industry touches more than 1 aspect of our day to day lives, may it be utensils, sanitary ware, tiles, tooth implants, artwork, insulators or bad conductors for electricity ceramics are widely used.  … Read More »