Sage 300 ERP in Sugar Industry

By | February 28, 2014

Implementing an ERP application in Sugar industry domain is one of the challenging tasks due to the complex process and much more complex reporting. The processes in Sugar Industry are a lot different compared to other industrial domains. It’s very important that the system makes sure that it handles all the defined process to establish a strong control over the operations taking place in the sugar industry along with the reporting part.

Sage 300 ERP is much capable to accept these challenges and undergo the test to handle the complexity in operations of the sugar industry very effectively. The operations and the reporting has to be executed as per the process defined which further helps to derive the required data for decision making purpose. Below are some of the points that are picked from the feature list which is documented for the Sage 300 ERP when it deals with the Sugar Industry.

Sage 300 ERP’s sales order types is one of the robust feature available which has helped a lot to handle the concept of Sales Advices which covers the major part of sales operations in the sugar industry. The Sales advice is then converted into multiple order confirmations, shipments and invoice accordingly.


Greytrix and Sage ERP / CRM
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With the assistance of Sage 300 ERP, we can have a better control over the complete logistics cycle. We can see the transaction flow starting with the Sales Advice and ending with a Sales Invoice or a Sales Credit/Debit note which are linked together. From control maturity point of view this becomes the main feature as it does not allow you to skip any of the process that is defined in between.                                                           

Apart from the Sales, The Warehouse and Inventory management is another crucial side where continues control and monitoring is essential. The system has to make sure it is able to successfully maintain and derive the inventory at various levels of production process at any given point with required figures pertaining to stock quantity and valuation. Sugar has a variety of Sub classifications under it which are defined Grade Wise (L31, M31, and S31), Season Wise (2011-12, 2012-13) and Type Wise (Levy, Free etc.). The reporting of the Inventory Stock and Sale of sugar always has to be on the basis of these parameters and cannot be at a single item level which is common case in domains like Trading or Retail industry. Here the Item Structures in inventory module play a vital role in breaking up the item into various segments and then provide segment wise reporting to get the stock status and Inventory movement by Grade, Season and Types as per the requirement.


Another important factor is the capturing of Taxes during the entire process of manufacturing and selling of Sugar. The tax Structure in sugar industry is unlike standard manufacturing industry in certain countries. There are taxes which are based on the quantities and not on the values as are in almost all the other domains.

Sage 300 ERP can also effectively manage the by products derived from the process of Sugar Manufacturing.

The standard functionality of Sage 300 ERP calculates the taxes on the basis of Values only. However, with certain amount of customizations Greytrix has enhanced the process to handle the quantity based taxes easily in the system. This amendment has taken the application to another higher level by opening doors to many more such industries that follow different practices than the rest to effectively use Sage 300 ERP and achieve maximum benefits in terms of streamlining the processes.

These are some of the features from the never ending list which helps Sage 300 ERP to manage the working of Sugar Industry efficiently and enabling to maintain the stringent procedures and complex reporting of the Sugar Industry in the most efficient way.

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