Printing Non-invoiced and Partially invoiced Reports

By | September 22, 2014

Pending Receipt Report is a generic report which has been developed to address a certain need of the User. This report is used to print receipts which have never been invoiced or have been partially invoiced or both.
Basically, this is a summary report which prints all details of a receipt like receipt No. or GRN No, vendor name, Requisition Number, Requisition date, total GRN amount etc. It also displays Return number, Return amount in case of any return entry made against a receipt as well as Credit note made against the return entry.
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For printing this report, we simply provide an .exe file which is as shown below:
Pending Receipt UI
The filter criteria used in this report is Date range and Select type.
Date Range: In Date Range, you mention the From date and To date between which, you want the receipts to be printed.
Select Type: A drop down box on the UI is provided to select the report type as either the receipt which has never been invoiced or the receipt which has been partially invoiced. You can also select both to view all open receipts.
Report data will be printed in excel format which is shown in the screenshot below:
Thus, this report serves organizations to print the repository of pending receipts or partially invoiced receipts or both.
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