Shipments to be Invoiced Report

By | November 13, 2014

In today’s blog post, we will discuss about a scenario where some organizations have a large number of shipments that are being generated on a daily basis on their system. If a user needs to find out how many shipments are pending to be invoiced, it would be a very tedious task to select shipments that have never been invoiced from the list of many available shipments.
The New Stuff : Creating payment batches in Sage 300 ERP
So for giving handy information to the user, we have created a simple report that displays the basic information about the shipments that need to be invoiced. Please refer the screen shot below for the report layout.
User can filter reports based on 2 parameters,
1. “From” and “To” Shipment date
2. “From” and “To” Customer Number
SHP1On Printing, following report will get printed:
Thus, this report serves companies to print the repository of pending shipments.
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