Restrict Posting on A/P batches

By | October 24, 2014

In this blog post, we will discuss about ‘Force listing of all batches’. In A/P Option setting, there is a check box ‘Force listing of all batches’ under the ‘Processing’ tab (Refer screenshot below).
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AP Option
This check box restricts posting the AP batches unless they are printed. If the checkbox is checked, then it does not allow posting invoices, payments and adjustment batches until you print it. If the checkbox is unchecked then you can post invoices, payments and adjustment batches without having to print the batches.
You can change the option as per your needs.
Suppose the checkbox is checked and you are trying to post an invoice batch without printing, then it will through you below Error message.
AP Invoice Batch
Once you print the invoice, it will allow you to post.
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