AR Refund Inquiry for Sage 300 ERP

By | June 26, 2015

Sage 300 ERP has a feature to refund to the customers either in Cash, Check or Credit Cards for  reasons personal to the company. To know the list of the refunds done for a particular customer becomes very necessary when there are lots of paybacks to the customers in month or a quarter and the users need the information of the same. Sage 300 ERP provides a separate screen Refund Inquiry to know the refunds done from the Banks to the customers for a specific period. Here user is not limited to viewing the refunds for a single customer at a time, like Customer Inquiry form.
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To do know the Refunds go to Accounts Receivable –> A/R Transactions –> Refund Inquiry.
From and To Bank,
From and To Customer,
From and To Date,
from and To Period,
From and To Check Number,
Status – All /Outstanding/Cleared/Reversed,
Payment Type –Cash/Credit/Check /All,
Please refer below screenshot.
Using the given filter criteria, user can look up all the refunds paid from a selected bank, or can display information for a refund for only the Refund number.
From the Refund grid, user can drill down by clicking on the document button and can view the original refund in the AR Refund screen. Please refer the below screen shot for the same.
By click on Open button on AR Refund inquiry, get detailed information for the selected transaction. The information includes (but is not limited to) the customer number, refund document number, and the documents to which the refund is applied.
For that refer below screen shot.
By clicking on Print button on AR Refund inquiry, get information all about Bank, check no. status, type, refund date, Posting date, year, batch entry ,customer no., remit to, refund amount in single report , For better understanding refer below screen shot.
Just to summarize, the Refund Inquiry screen provides a ready reference to all the information of refund amount from credit note, receipt, prepayment in Sage ERP 300 system.
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