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By | February 24, 2017

By using our “Export Salesperson Info utility” you can know how much sales done by salesperson on every Fiscal Year/Period. The sales information will get exported in excel format with respective details.

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Follow below steps to exported sales by salesperson.The below is the screen shot of Export sales by salesperson.

Export Sales person import macro

This macro is present with following fields.

1. Export File Path:- This field shows the selected excel file path. “…” button is used select excel file.

2. Salesperson :- This field is used to select range of salespersons to include in the export.Put a blank in the From field and the ZZZZZZs in the To field to include all salesperson If you want to include only one salesperson, enter the same salesperson code in both fields.

3. Show :- This field is used to export sales information in details or summary.

4. Year :- This field is used to select fiscal year to include in the export.5. Period: – This field is used to select period of fiscal year to include in the export.

Sales person import macro

System file explorer veiw

After selection of fields and file path click on export button to export the sales by salesperson details. Utility will pop up success message after process gets completed successfully.

Success message

After completion of process all sales by salesperson details will get exported in selected excel file.

When if you select “Show” filed as Details, it will export one salesperson sales details in single worksheet of excel. The below is screen shot of details excel.

Sales person macro

Exported file

When if you select “Show” filed as Summary, it will export all salesperson sales details in single worksheet of excel. The below is screen shot of details excel.

Export sales person with summary option

Exported file

You can follow below link to add macro to desktop of sage 300.
How To Add A Macro To Accpac Desktop of Sage 300 ERP

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