AR Invoice Import Routine

By | April 6, 2020

Import Routine in Sage 300 has been very useful for users as it provides automation for a way to create bulk entries at one time with fewer efforts required. This blog comes with another example of such automation that is Importing AR Invoice entries. 

Creating manual invoices based on the provided data at times becomes very stressful can be a  be time-consuming activit. To help reduce this drawbacks, we have introduced various  import utilities. One such utility concentrates on Importing the AR Invoices. Below is the brief description of how this utility works.

This import routine will create AR invoice entries automatically in the Sage300. The user interface to importing entries from the excel sheet is as below:

The user needs to select the appropriate excel sheet and then click on Import Button which will start the import routine. This will validate data with respect to Sage 300 ERP database. For eg, fields like Customer Number Code, Item Number, Costing and Qty, etc.

After importing the valid data, AR Invoice entries will be created and if the data is not valid, then the system generates error log and will be easily readable to users.

Below is the format of the Import sheet that shows the fields of AR Invoice entries and the same will be used for import purpose.

After successfully importing the data, you can check the AR Invoice entries created automatically in Sage 300.

Note: – We have considered the Transaction type “Item” from the AR Invoice Screen.