How Sage CRM helps in increasing productivity quarter on quarter?

By | August 5, 2019

Technology and advancements form a major part of an individual’s life, especially in an emerging economy like Kenya, Africa. From gazing the position of stars, moon, planets and sun to know the approximate time to the invention of watches, we have come a long way along. The major breakthrough in science was brought about by automation which now forms a significant part of industries. Manual work has been replaced by more convenient and productive automated systems, which has been accomplished by softwares like ERP and CRM. Industries such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale trade and pharmaceuticals are growing progressively in the East African topographies like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda due to which there has been a significant increase in the demand of these softwares. Though Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management are similar in many ways as they both are used to increase the overall revenue or profitability of a business, CRM is more customer centric and ERP is more industry specific.

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5 things you should consider before using Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM in a broad spectrum is a technology which helps you in managing all your existing and potential Customer relationships and interactions. The benefits levied include business expansions, connectivity, streamlining processes and profitability. Some of the important facts organizations should consider before using a CRM solution are:

  • Integration

The major reason why even the best CRM solutions fail is the lack of integration. Organizations invest a huge amount of their time and money in finding the best CRM solution for their organization but are unable understand the importance of integration.

  • Priority

It is true that evolving with technology is extremely important in today’s world but the essence of evolution lies in priority. Organizations should understand that it is essential to have a framework of all the features and entities that are of utmost importance. This helps in understanding your needs and choosing the right solution.

  • Problem solving capabilities

In order for a solution to work, organizations should recognize the problem areas and the significant impact it has on the economy of your business. Businesses should analyze and determine whether the chosen CRM solution is capable of solving the existing problems which will help you in achieving your strategic targets.

  • Potential ROI

Before you consider implementing a CRM solution be aware that it involves an upfront cost or a recurring cost to maintain. It is important for you to know the numbers to calculate the return on investment and the positive impact the system will have on acquisition and retention.

  • Customer needs

One of the most annoying things for your Customers could be the robotic process. Be wary of your personal relationships with your Customers. Sometimes an attempt to be more efficient can actually alienate the people who already liked the way you did business.

Sage CRM– Assisting organizations in increasing productivity

Sage is a software solution provider that helps SME businesses to manage accounting and finances, payments, people and payroll. Its line of products includes, Sage CRM which helps you in unlocking the true potential of your organization by gauging the behavior of your Customers. It studies the patterns of your business and provides you insights for making informed decisions. Sage CRM efficiently manages your marketing, sales and service automation to increase your revenue multifolds.

It has been on the forefront of SME’S for being affordable, easy to use and adaptable. The 4 important reasons why Sage CRM is an ideal choice for growing businesses are:

  • Smart user interface

An efficient software should not be hard to update, learn or challenging to use. Sage CRM is an intuitive CRM solution for organizations which has a user friendly interface and eliminates the need to worry about patches and updates as it all happens automatically. With improved organizational insights enterprises can empower their Sales, Service or marketing teams with a vision to predict the future and act accordingly. The Sales teams can proactively cross-sell and up-sell identifying opportunities while tracking prospects from open to close, the Marketing team can effectively plan their campaigns and generate a quicker Return on Investment, the customer service teams can manage Customers with detailed analysis and solution of their problems.

  • Accelerated performance

Organizations understand the need of right information at the right time. Sage CRM allows you to review your leads and prospects thus, increasing profitability and shortening the Sales cycle by reducing time to decision. With the plethora of information available to your teams, they are also able to keep a tab on the key opportunities and account activities of your Customers enabling you to sell smarter and efficiently. Businesses are able to view their key KPI’s in real time which further assists in taking crucial decisions.

  • Data access on the go

Critical information regarding leads, accounts, and orders can be accessed across devices desktops, mobiles, and tablets ensuring that sales and service teams respond quickly to customer needs.

  • Collaborate effectively 

Sage CRM enables organizations to efficiently collaborate between departments which reduces manual work of updating databases with recent information. Teams are up-to-date with critical business information that can be controlled for user specific access to data. It helps to put processes in place by being more productive and efficient.

To compete in the technology driven world crucial and up-to-date information is essential which can be achieved by Sage CRM. It allows the stakeholders to gain a holistic view of the organization to plan a strategic approach towards achieving their business targets. Sage CRM assists you in driving the revenue of your organizations multifolds ultimately increasing the productivity of your organization with each quarter.

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