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Set Shortcut Key for your Favorite Button in Sage CRM

Sage CRM is quite flexible to help you manage your customers and business in a better way. We have seen a lot of posts on how the user interface is flexible in helping you manage your business. One such requirement has always been Short Cut keys. In one of our previous posts we had put… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Facebook Component

Being social is a must in today’s world; no matter if it’s an individual or organization. Any means which let you connect to larger set of audience is good for the growing business. Over the recent years sites like Facebook, Twitter have served the purpose well. Considering this, new version of SageCRM 7.2 has also… Read More »

Inherit parent entity security settings on child

In Sage CRM, I have created an entity as child of company entity through ASP pages. I wanted to assign the security rights to this entity similar to its parent i.e. Company entity. All the buttons, must be applied the predefined security settings for Company entity. Let’s take an example of New button which uses… Read More »

Swap Button image and button text Positions

One day while doing the design of Summary page for one of the custom entities an unobvious thought came into my mind whether I can swap the positions of Button text and Button image on button control. Also following sage CRM standards I wanted to use the standard AddButton feature only tomake sure all the… Read More »