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Custom Icons for entities

For any web application, Self Descriptiveness is the main characteristic which facilitates maximum usage of the modules designed. There are lots of things with which we can achieve this in SageCRM. SageCRM has wide scope for customizations. Customization also involves creating several custom entities to incorporate client requirements.  We have a facility to generate entities… Read More »

Advanced Options in Component Manager

In continuation to my previous blog on Creating Component and generating script files, here in this blog I will be explaining some advanced options to create components. Related Post: Creating Component and generating Script files As we all know that Sage CRM implementation is a long process and many developers might be involved in implementation of… Read More »

Update Currency Exchange Rates in Sage CRM 7.2

Some days ago I came across this interesting topic on Sage CRM community site hence thought I would share the same with my reader here. In today’s business world, along with managing the work every person wants to stay updated with the currency rates. Sage CRM does support multiple currencies, but updating exchange rates used… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Facebook Component

Being social is a must in today’s world; no matter if it’s an individual or organization. Any means which let you connect to larger set of audience is good for the growing business. Over the recent years sites like Facebook, Twitter have served the purpose well. Considering this, new version of SageCRM 7.2 has also… Read More »

Re-Installing the component

Re-Installing a component is nothing but installing a same component more than once. You know system does not list the component for installation once listed. We might need to re-install the component due to some changes done in the same component without losing the already applied modules e.g. If we have a component comp1 which is for… Read More »

Mapping Component Issues

Recently while installing the Standard Mapping Component in SageCRM component manager, I encountered below error. As seen from the error message highlighted above its caused because of missing Clustered indexes on Company and Lead tables. I was a bit surprised knowing the reason of error as Indexes are by default defined on CRM database by… Read More »