How to Copy Detail Lines in Sage X3

By | October 27, 2011

Consider a scenario where you have created a utility in Sage X3 and you need to create a GL Journal entry, based on the field inputs within the X3 custom screen. Now to achieve this, the option is to map all the custom screen fields with the Sage X3 Journal fields so that all the custom screen fields populate the detail lines in Journal.

We can populate the Journal fields by assigning the Custom screen field with the Journal fields using the assignment statement for each field individually as listed below:


And so on……

However, this surely becomes cumbersome if there are many fields within the table. While checking for another quick solution which can map the fields without going for individual assignment of each field, we found the snippet code which can help you out in the direct assignment of a group of fields.

The Code discovered by Greytrix team of experienced techno-functional consultants, uses the Assign command to pass the value from source table to destination table.

Refer the code snippet below:

Code Snippet:
Assign(“[M:TARGETSCREEN]”+[F:AMZ]CODZON+”(“+num$(<destination line (Copy To) >)+”)”) With evalue(“[M:SOURCESCREEN]”+[F:AMZ]CODZON+”(“+num$($(<original line (Copy from) >)+”)”)

This code sample will copy all the custom fields directly within the Journal detail without checking out every field individually.

In this way you can copy Detail Lines in Sage X3.