Sage ERP X3 Integration with

By | June 2, 2015

Today it is important to integrate ERP and CRM in order to see your customers as whole entities and not as separate and unequal parts. With Sage ERP X3 – integration, we have taken your ERP data to the cloud, giving salespeople around-the-clock, 360° view of all customer interactions.

“Streamline your front and back office operations using Sage ERP X3 Integration with Salesforce”

Greytrix offers GUMU™ integration for Salesforce with Sage X3 that will enhance your existing business functionality with its versatile features. Salesforce with Sage X3 Integration offers cloud access to your accounting data and also maps it with the sales information seamlessly. This offers real-time and bi-directional data accessibility, giving you a 360° view of customer interaction effectively.

1. Real-Time Information View
2. Authorization Control
3. Entity Synchronization
4. Linking Customers

5. Flexibility to configure
6. Portable Device
7. Easy to promote

Watch a Demo – GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce with Sage X3:

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