Range Validation between Two Fields

By | January 27, 2017

Generally, we have come across a situation in Sage X3 in Inquiries or Invoice screen where we need filter the data as per their ranges. In such condition we need to add some validations such as End range should be less than start range. It can also be done by using action CTLALPVALW.

CTLALPVALW is the action which we need to add at the CONTROL event of the End range field and give reference of the Start range field in the parameters.

Let us consider two fields:-
1. ZCONTYPDEB (Start range field)
2. ZCONTYPFIN (End range field)
Let us add control action on ZCONTYPFIN field

range validation in two fields

Now we will give the reference of Start range field i.e.  ZCONTYPDEB in the parameters.

range validation between two fields


If we enter the lower range in ZCONTYPFIN field compare to ZCONTYPDEB

It will throw following message:-

Range Validation output

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