Mass Deletion of Records in Sage X3

By | March 3, 2017

If we want to delete the current record in Sage X3, simply press the Delete button. This deletion is possible only if the “referential integrity” constraints as defined in the data dictionary, are adhered to, depending on the situation. These controls can take a relatively long time to perform, and they are carried out immediately on-line when the delete function is called.

In case if several deletions are to be performed, it would be very time consuming to run them one at a time. So the deferred deletions function is preferred for multiple deletions. The deferred deletion loads a database table, which store all the current deletion requests.

The “Deletion” function is used to view and modify these requests and also start the deletion of the queue of requests waiting to be processed.

Navigate: Development—->Utilities—->Miscellaneous—->Deletions

Mass Deletion of Records in Sage X3

When using the function, a grid is displayed containing the current deletion requests in the form of the object code and the values of the keys.

It should be noted that when the key for the record managed by the object has a single part, only the first column is entered ; However, if there are two parts to the key, the first part is located in the second Identifier column, and the second part (which in general is the most meaningful) in the first.

Batch Task – This function can be executed in batch mode. The Standard task ADELETE can execute it.

At the end of execution the deletion operation creates a log file giving the results of the operation.


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