Setup Multiple Sites for Company when there is One Dedicated Storage Site and Rest are Financial Sites Part- 2 (Contd…)

By | March 3, 2017

In some industries where the Company has only one Site which actually store and deliver goods and other sites are only financial sites which manage the payments. i.e the financial sites can be stores and the Storage site is a warehouse where goods are stored. E.g. Car showrooms can be financial sites in different part of state and there will be one warehouse which will store the cars.

Sales flow:

1. Create a Sales order with the sales site as AO011 and ship site as AO012.

Setup Multiple Sites

2. Create delivery for the sales order with shipping site as AO012.

delivery for the sales order

3. Create Sales invoice on the delivery with sales site as AO011.

Sales invoice on the delivery

4. Now the Stock is issued from the site AO012.

5. And Invoice cash receipt is made on site AO011.

6. Repeat the above steps for the Sales order site AO013 and Ship site as AO012.



  1. This way there will be only one site which will do all the stock transactions and other sites will be used for payments/receipts etc.
  2. This process will only work when there is one company and multiple sites in which at least one site is a storage site.
  3. The storage site can be lot, serial & location managed.


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