Stock Change by ADC Screen in Sage X3

By | April 27, 2017

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario wherein you want to move your stock from one location to another.

Sage X3 has a special feature to achieve this functionality. There are two methods to achieve this functionality:

  1. Stock> Internaltransactions>Stock change
  2. ADCs>Stock>Stock changes

We have already seen the first method now we will see the second method.

Follow below steps:

Navigate to ADCs > ADCs > Set Site

Select stock-site for which you want to move your stock from one location to another location (refer below screenshot).

Stock Site Selection

Now navigate to ADCs > Stock > Stock changes

As you see in the below screenshot the site you selected in the set site screen is automatically populated on the stock change screen (refer below screenshot).

Auto Population of Stock Change Screen

Select product and quantity and enter from source location and to destination location from where you want to move stock.

Destination Location

Click on create button.

If you want to add multiple lines, click on “OK” button instead of “Create” button.

You will see that one line is added in the top right-hand corner (refer below screenshot).

Add Multiple Lines

This way you can move your stock from one location to another location using ADC screen.

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