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Determine the number of buffers allocated for saving application messages in Sage X3

There may be a scenario where we need to check the number of buffers allocated for saving the application messages in Sage X3. Adxmbm is an Adonix system variable of the Integer Type, which sets the number of buffers from 32 bytes allocated for saving the application messages. Syntax: [S]adxmbm Integer Example:                                                #… Read More »

Stock Change by ADC Screen in Sage X3

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario wherein you want to move your stock from one location to another. Sage X3 has a special feature to achieve this functionality. There are two methods to achieve this functionality: Stock> Internaltransactions>Stock change ADCs>Stock>Stock changes We have already seen the first method now we will see… Read More »

How to Extract a Left Sub-String from a given string in Sage X3

In Sage X3, you may come across various scenarios where you need to get a sub-string from an existing string. You can derive sub-string from both the ends i.e. from the left or the right or starting from any particular position of a given string. This blog will help you to extract the leftmost sub-string… Read More »

Achieve User Delegation Authority in Sage X3 Workflow

Sage X3 provides the user delegate functionality in the workflow. To know how it works please refer to an example: Requester Budget exceeded Max. Value User 1 User 2 User 3 ADMIN 0 10000 USR03 ADMIN 10000 100000 USR03 USR02 ADMIN 100000 1000000 USR03 USR02 USR08 As you can see in the above approval matrix,… Read More »

Add the Comment (Line level Text) in the Detail line

In some cases, we need to add the comment or some text in the detail line level. In Sage X3 we have that functionality to add the comment and some text at line level. We can add the text to line level as follows. Step 1: In the detail line level, we need to click… Read More »