Determine the number of buffers allocated for saving application messages in Sage X3

By | May 5, 2017

There may be a scenario where we need to check the number of buffers allocated for saving the application messages in Sage X3.

Adxmbm is an Adonix system variable of the Integer Type, which sets the number of buffers from 32 bytes allocated for saving the application messages.

[S]adxmbm Integer

Allocation of Buffer in Sage X3


# Extracted from an APL.ini file
[S]adxmbm = 10240

# Emptying of the memory!
[S]adxmbm =[S]adxmbm

Each buffer contains a message, i.e., an input of a local menu. Messages of over 32 bytes are stored in several buffers. Since the messages are contained in an Adonix table (for which the name is set by the [S]adxtms variable), each call to the mess function (for the application messages) and each entry of a field of this type triggers a read of this table.

When you work in client-server mode, or under Oracle, you limit the number of reads if you save a large part of this table. You will also obtain better performance. On the other hand, more memory will be tied up. Its value is set to 512 by default. This value is sufficient so that the entry of the most complex screens is not slow.

Its value cannot exceed 32000.

adxmbm is usually set by one of the processes called “APL.ini” that is launched when you start the application. Its assignment by program triggers the emptying of the corresponding memory field. This operation, therefore, needs to be performed after modifying the application messages.

The space taken up in the memory by these buffers should be considered in the calculation of the maximum size of memory that the application can occupy. This parameter is set by the [S]maxmem variable.

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