How to search employee documents in Sage X3 People

By | September 7, 2019

Sage X3 People has a standard functionality for searching the documents using the keyword. This functionality allows the user to search attached document using the keyword. The keywords has been created against each attached document (Image, Text, PDF, and Excel) etc.

Attaching Files

Navigate to Personnel administration > Select employee > click Attachment icon on right hand side

Employee Documents
Personnel data forms function

It allows us to attach the following:-

  1. Add Text
  2. Add Image
  3. Add file (supports Image, Text, Word, PDF, Excel).
  4. Employee documents
    Attachment option

Against each document, the system allows you to set the three keywords which will be used while searching the documents.

Employee documents
Attachment Keyword Function

Keyword Search:

Step: 1

Navigate to Personnel administration > click Keyword selection icon on right hand side

Employee documents
Personnel data forms function

Step: 2

As shown in the below figure, click the lookup icon in keyword field to load the keywords which is already added while attaching the document. Select the keyword and click ok.

Employee documents
Attachments function
Employee documents
Keyword selection function

System will display the list of attachments according to the keyword selected.

Step: 3

Select the attachment from the list.

Employee documents
Keyword selection

The system will automatically redirect to that employees profile where the document is attached, this will benefit HR to find the documents of employees on the go.