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Sales Order Attachment Validation in Sage X3

Customizing attachment validation to restrict delivery, shipment and Invoice on Sage X3 involves defining specific rules and configurations within the system. In Sage X3, you can create these customizations using the SDK (Software Development Kit) and scripting capabilities. Customizing attachment validation on a sales order can be done in various ways, depending on the software… Read More »

How to search employee documents in Sage X3 People

Sage X3 People has a standard functionality for searching the documents using the keyword. This functionality allows the user to search attached document using the keyword. The keywords has been created against each attached document (Image, Text, PDF, and Excel) etc. Attaching Files Navigate to Personnel administration > Select employee > click Attachment icon on… Read More »

How to send mail programmatically

To help in making everyday tasks easier, Sage ERP X3 provides features of sending mails, but are we aware of the code to send the message programmatically? If no then let me explain you the same with this blog: New Stuff: How to automatically create payment reminders for multiple customers? SEND keyword is used to… Read More »

Document Scanning in Sage X3

Document Scanning has been one of the most sought-after features in most ERPs. In this blog, we will demonstrate a custom Document Scanning utility created by us that is integrated with the existing Sage X3s’ Attachments utility. This custom document scanning utility empowers you to scan a document that is on the scanner and attach… Read More »