Restriction on WO Close unless Quality Transaction is clear

By | September 29, 2020

As you all know in Sage X3, Users can close any Work Order after Production Tracking by using WO Close screen. But one of our client wanted to restrict that WO Close functionality until that particular Work Order is Completely Tracked and Quality Control Transaction is done. Now we will see both the conditions one by one:

1. WO should be Completely Tracked:

As you can see in the below screenshot, there are three checkboxes on Production Tracking Screen i.e. Operation Tracking, Production Reporting and Material Tracking. If all the three checkboxes are ticked after creation of Production Tracking entry for any particular Work Order then only that Work Order will be considered as “Completely Tracked WO”. And if in case one of them or two of them are not ticked then that work order is not completely tracked WO.

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[Production Tracking Screen]
[Production Tracking Screen]

In Production Tracking Number – 101/MFG/19-20/0056, all the three checkboxes are ticked which means 101/PROD/19-20/0077 is the completely tracked Work Order.

2. Quality Transaction should be done:

In Quality Control screen of Stock module, if the transaction is done against the same Production Tracking Entry and Quality “A” or “R” is entered in quality control detail for total quantity of that WO then only that Transaction will be considered as complete. If the status of the work order products is in “Q” then it will consider that Quality Transaction is not clear. That means the work order Products status should be either Accepted (A) or Rejected (R) but it should not be in the Quality (Q).

As you can see in the below screenshot, Work Order – 101/PROD/19-20/0077 is in “Q” status and quality transaction is not done for this Work Order.

[Quality Control Screen – Q Status]
[Quality Control Screen – Q Status]

If both the conditions are satisfied then only Work Order should be allowed to close. But if one of those two conditions is not satisfied and you click on Close Button for that particular Work Order in WO Close screen, then it will give you an error that “WO cannot be closed unless it is completely tracked and quality has been done” and will not allow to close that Work Order as shown in the below screenshot.

[WO Close screen – Error Message]
[WO Close screen – Error Message]

As we already know, for Work Order – 101/PROD/19-20/0077, first condition is satisfied but second condition is not satisfied because of which it is giving an error when you try to close that order in WO Close screen.

After entering quality control detail in Quality Control screen, status has changed to “A” and both the conditions for Work Order -101/PROD/19-20/0077 are satisfied now. And user can close the Work Order easily. Refer below screenshot in which status is “A”.

[Quality Control Screen –  A Status]
[Quality Control Screen – A Status]

After clicking on close button, that work Order is closed easily without getting any error in WO Close screen and “Close” button is disabled automatically.

[WO Status - Closed]
[WO Status – Closed]

Hence with the help of this customization, WO Close functionality will get restricted unless it is completely tracked and quality transaction is done(A and R).