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How to flow dimension in Work Order’s GL/journal entry in Sage X3

In Sage X3,dimension types are analysis codes that can be used to track costs, revenue, and quantities. In various case, user wants to flow the dimension data to the SI/PI/WO transactions and its GL entries. So, to achieve this setup and functionality. Kindly follow below steps. Below is the setup and working of the GL… Read More »

How to perform automatic and multiple assignments using the assignments function

In Sage X3, assignment rules are used to define how transactions, such as sales orders or purchase orders, are automatically assigned to specific resources or entities. These rules are part of the Resource Planning module, which helps in optimizing resource utilization and improving efficiency in managing various business processes.Assigning orders (needs and resources) among one… Read More »

Allocation Methods for Efficient Work Order Management

In Sage X3, a work order is a document that is used to plan and track the production of items in a manufacturing or production environment. Work orders are an essential part of the manufacturing process that can be the “Manual,” “Global,” and “Detailed” allocation methods are options you can choose when allocating materials to… Read More »

How to create work order against the sales order in Sage X3

In Sage X3, if the user wants to create new work order against the sales order .We have used standard ‘Work Order’ button they have present on sales order action button  Refer fig2. So that we can easily create work order  against the sales order but on the creation time we are facing the issues… Read More »

Functionality of Shop Floor tracking and it’s impact on Work Order in Sage X3

The Shop floor tracking is to track your shop floor activity. This includes clock in and out going on breaks, recording labor setup and run times, production tracking, elapsed labor, and indirect tasks. With this, user can track activities for the team like a single employee using Employee ID.  In Sage X3, there are few… Read More »

Tracking Validation to check proportion of raw material has been tracked or not

During the Production tracking process in Sage X3, it has been identified that there is a need for validation to ensure that the minimum corresponding amount of raw material has been tracked or consumed prior to initiating Production tracking for a specific work order. To tackle this issue effectively, we plan to customize the Production… Read More »

How to solve ‘Supplement not assigned’ error while creating purchase receipt for subcontract PO’s in Sage X3

Subcontracting process, raw materials are provided to subcontracting supplier/customer. It’s being processed by subcontracting supplier/customer, convert it to semi-finish material and deliver back. To solve the error ‘supplement not assigned’, there are main point which are linked with it. Work Order. Purchase Order. Sales Delivery. PO’s Purchase Receipt. Let’s describe each points shortly. Work Order: A… Read More »

Component’s requirement quantity shows blank value in Work Order in Sage X3

In Sage X3, we have manufacturing module which eases the manufacturing process and present a solution to create one Manufacturing order for finished product and semi-finished product’s components are compiled automatically in the manufacturing process. In Sage X3, before creating the Work order of any finished product, we will require BOM (Bill of Material) of… Read More »

Tracking Restriction and Creation on the basis of Stock Availability

As we know, Production Tracking is created against Work Order in Sage X3. But if stock of raw materials/components is not available then creation of Tracking should be restricted. Usually this type of customizations are done to restrict Tracking creation. But here in this customization we have added one more condition to handle partial Tracking… Read More »