Validation on Miscellaneous receipt based on Tolerance value

By | January 29, 2021

For any transaction in Sage X3, user can enter price manually as per his/her requirement. But one of our client requested to add validation on the price field in Miscellaneous Receipt Transaction.

To achieve this requirement, we have added “Tolerance Percentage” field in the Product master as shown in the below screenshot. In which user can define tolerance percentage for calculation of the Price range of that particular product at the time of creating Miscellaneous Receipt Transaction using the same product.

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[Product Master]
[Product Master]

We have defined ‘10’ tolerance percentage for Product “030011” in the Product Master.

Now, we will check the costing method and Cost of the Product “030011” in the Product Site.

[Product Site - Costing Method]
[Product Site – Costing Method]

As you can see, costing method for Product “030011” is STD i.e. Standard. So we will take Standard cost value in the calculation. If costing method is AVC i.e. Average cost then we have to consider Average cost value in calculation.

[Product Site - Standard Cost]
[Product Site – Standard Cost]

As shown in the above screenshot, standard cost for product “030011” is 98.3509. Now, we will calculate 10%(tolerance percentage already defined in product master) on this standard cost value and 10% of 98.3509 is 9.83509.

Now, we will add 10 % value in the standard cost and subtract 10% value from the standard cost for calculating the price range for that product “030011”.

By adding 10% in the standard cost we will get: 98.3509 + 9.83509 = 108.1859

By subtracting 10% from the standard cost we will get: 98.3509 – 9.83509 = 88.5159

So the price range which will be considered for Product “030011” is from 108.1859 to 88.5159. User can enter any value from this particular range while creating Miscellaneous Receipt Transaction for that particular product.

[Miscellaneous Receipt Example - 1]
[Miscellaneous Receipt Example – 1]

We have entered 98.3509 in the price field for product “030011” which is between the calculated range. Therefore it has accepted the price and entry will be created successfully. But if user tries to enter any other value which is not from the given range then it will not allow to create Miscellaneous Receipt Transaction and will give you an error “Price is not as per tolerance percentage” as shown in the below screenshot.

[Miscellaneous Receipt Example - 2]
[Miscellaneous Receipt Example – 2]

Hence by defining tolerance percentage in the Product master, user can restrict miscellaneous receipt creation for any product if price entered is not between the calculated range as per the tolerance percentage.