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How to set fixed price of carrier for a specific invoicing element

In Sage X3, we may come across, where a user wants a fixed price of the carrier in a specific invoicing element. This functionality can be achieved by following steps: Navigate to:  Setup → General Parameters → Parameters Values → Sales → Folder → Seed → Invoicing rules → Details If user want to check… Read More »

How to set the default price reason

Do you know Sage X3 has a feature where you can set the default price reason. Default Reason for the manual price Default reason for a base price New stuff: Automatic Reversals Follow the below steps to set the default reason for a manual price Navigate Through: Setup>General parameters>Parameter values Set the parameter “DACMANSAL” for default… Read More »

Sales Price Structure Feature in Sage ERP X3

Sage X3 offers a feature which adds some additional elements while determining the Sales Price. The additional elements corresponding to the factors such as Royalty, Rebate, Freight, Discounts etc… While we define this within the price structure, all these structures are added as columns within the Invoice line along with the Sales Price. There are… Read More »