How to use service products in Purchasing

By | March 12, 2021

In sage x3 v11, if we need to generate a purchase order for services, it won’t allow us to create it by giving us an error as no “requirement to consider for the subcontract product”.

 In sagex3 v12 there is a new enhancement that will allow us to generate Purchase orders for services without subcontracting. Here we have a new field named as “Product Type” present on the Purchase order entry transactions as well as on PO line level. Also, we have a new parameter named as DEFITMKND that allows us to define the default service type. Follow the below steps to create purchase order for services.

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Navigate to: > Common data > Products > Product Category

We have to use the products that have a product category as ‘SERVI’( i.e. Service) . A Service category is used for Subcontracting or Bought services. The category type should be selected as Services. Kindly refer the below screenshot.

Product Category Screen
Product Category Screen

Navigate to: > Set up > Parameter values

 Here go to chapter ACH, in group ORD, we have a parameter DEFITMKND. This parameter is used to define the default service type that we want to use. Here the value used is Subcontract. Refer the below screenshot.

Parameter Value Screen
Parameter Value Screen

Service Products on Purchase Orders must be defined with a Service category type and bought category flow. The product type on the Purchase order line determines whether the service is linked to a subcontract order.

Navigate to: > Purchase > Order

Create a purchase order. Select the product having a category as SERVI. Here we are using a product SER001.

 In x3v11, we face the below error while creating PO using product SER001 and also we dont have a field named as Product type

Purchase Order Screen V11
Purchase Order Screen V11

In v12, we can see the product type field which is not present in v11. As the value in the default parameter is Subcontract and we have used the product having SERVI category, by default the product type is selected as Subcontract. Refer the below screenshot.

Purchase Order Screen v12
Purchase Order Screen v12

If the product selected is not in a Service type Category then the product type would be Standard.

There are 3 values that can be in field Product Type:

Standard – It is used for the product whose category is not service.

Subcontracting – It is used for a product that is a service and also used in case of subcontracting. It can be a service in a subcontracting Bill of Material, in case of subcontract without work order, or it can be a single service in case of subcontracting with work order. In this situation, a selection list appears to select subcontract orders. It’s mandatory to select at least one subcontract order to continue the entry in the “Requirements to consider” screen.

Service – It is used for product that is just a simple service.

This blog helps to use service products in Purchasing