Manual Commission feature of Sales commission add on .

By | August 30, 2021

In Sage X3, commission module provides enhancement of existing commission feature of Sage X3. It helps in overcoming challenges such as accuracy in sales commission calculation, timely payment to sales representatives, track of commissions of sales representatives, etc.

Sales commission module provides a feature of manual commission which overcomes the existing standard commission feature of sage X3. If the user wants to give commission on particular invoice separately, using this feature the commission to the sales representatives can be given manually other than commission rate defined.

To Know about Sales Commission add on, kindly follow below link.

Sage X3 Sales Commission add on

Navigate to All-> Commission -> Processes -> Manual Commission

It consists of fields such manual commission id, customer, date, invoice type, document number, document line number, base amount, sales group, commission rate, total commission and commission status.

  • Manual commission id : Generated after creation of one transaction.
  • Customer : For a particular customer (mandatory field).
  • Date : Manual Commission Transaction date(mandatory field).
  • Invoice type : It provides a drop down of two types of invoices i.e. Sales Invoice and Customer BP invoice.
  • Document number : This field provides selection of invoice number based on invoice type from the drop down selected and customer selected in header.
  • Document Line number : It provides selection of Line number of invoice selected in document number field.
  • Base Amount : It gets populated based on line number field entered, if line number selected then it populates product of quantity and net price of that line number. If line number not selected then it get populated by total invoice amount of selected invoice in document number field.
  • Sales Group : It provides a selection of sales group.
  • Commission rate : User can define its commission rate here.
  • Total Commission : It gets populated based on base amount and rate entered.
  • Commission status : It shows whether commission is pending, calculated & posted or not.

After entering the customer, the sales group field in the header gets filled as defined in customer screen and detail grid gets automatically populated from the sales group screen as shown below.

If the user wants to select a different sales group, it can be changed after populating too as per user required and the grid data will change as per the new sales group selected.

After creating the manual commission transaction, the calculate button gets enabled in the top right corner of screen and once we click on calculate button the commission it gets disabled and for each sales rep commission gets calculated according to their “Commission PCT” field at line level as shown in below figure.

Once the manual commission gets calculated, the screen does not allow to modify any field values and the commission status is changed from “Pending” to “Calculated”. If the user wants to change any commission value after calculated manual commission, then it can be done in “Adjust Commission” screen of Commission module.

This is how the manual commission screen works in Commission module.