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Automatic posting of Invoice

Sage X3 provides a feature to generate the automatic posting of the invoices to be issued arising from the validated and not invoiced customer shipments. The shipments that are not considered are the inter-site shipments, the sub-contractor shipments, the loan shipments where the return date is not exceeded and the totally returned shipments. To successfully… Read More »

How to Create Recurring Customer BP Invoices

Recently we came across a scenario where the client wished to recreate customer BP invoices every month or week or daily again and again. When we checked in X3 it provided us with a simple solution to this. Navigate through: A/P-A/R accounting>Invoicing>Recurring customer invoices Add the customer invoice in invoice number filed and select the… Read More »

Use of Complimentary Invoice in Sage X3

Complimentary Invoice is used in Sage ERP X3 to add additional amount/charges to an existing Supplier Invoice. This additional charge/amount can be transportation charges or any additional charge that could have incurred during the supply of the goods to the respective Supplier. New Stuff: How to track the discount specifically specified for customer and product?… Read More »

Send Invoice Reports Automatically in Sage X3

Often we are requested for a feature that sends a mail along with a report copy of Invoice automatically when an Invoice is created in Sage X3. This blog will take you through a graceful solution that enables users to intimate the clients about the Invoice raised. Prerequisites: Print Server needs to installed and configured.… Read More »

Create Sales Orders using Web services in Sage Enterprise Management

In our last blog, we had an overview of Web services in Sage X3. Now we are going to dive in further into this topic and will see in detail, how we can create transactions like Purchase Order, Sales order, invoice etc. in Sage X3. To start with you must have all the pre-requisites as… Read More »