Trial Kitting in Sage X3

By | August 31, 2021

In Sage X3, BOMs provides a combined stock assembly and process costing function. You can specify finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components. You can use the Bill of Materials module on its own or as part of a group of Manufacturing modules, which includes Estimating, Planning, Work Orders and Operation Times modules.

The ‘Component requirement calculation’ function (BOMRET) in the previous versions has been renamed as ‘Trial kitting’. You can use Trial Kitting to check whether you have enough recorded stock items to build your BOMs. It identifies and displays any potential shortages. Trial kitting shows you if you can build a specific number of BOMs.

To perform the same, navigate to All > Common data > BOMs > Production BOMs

Consider a BOM for a particular finished product ‘FIN001’ (i.e. Children’s standard road bike) as shown below. You can see other information such as BOM code, Unit in which this Product is managed as well.

Fig 01 : Manufacturing BOM

In the Components tab of the screen, you can see the basic Products/Components for the BOM product ‘FIN001’. This tab also shows the quantity involved of each Component to create a unit BOM.

But it does not show the quantity in Stock for all the Components to create this BOM. Here you can use the Trial Kitting functionality. Click on action button on RHS of the screen and click ‘Trial Kitting’ button.

Fig 02 : Manufacturing BOM

After clicking on button, ‘Trial Kitting’ screen would appear where you can select the appropriate Site as shown below.

On line level there is a field named as ‘Calculation Quantity’ where you can enter the quantity for required number of BOMs.

Fig 03 : Trial kitting

After entering the appropriate Storage site and Calculation quantity click on ‘OK’.

Another screen will appear which will show you whether you can build a BOM or not, on the basis of quantity available in stock for each component.

Fig 04 : Trial kitting

As you go down in the screen in ‘Results’ tab you can see all the required components and its Requirement quantity along with the Available quantity in Stock. There is a column named as ‘Quantity shortage’ which will show us if there is any Shortage of quantity for any Component as shown in above screenshot.

There is a field on header level of the screen as ‘Maximum build quantity’ which shows you the maximum number of BOMs which can be created from the available stock. If there is any shortage of quantity for any Component, this field will be blank or zero. As in this case one of the components is having a shortage of quantity hence, ‘Maximum build quantity’ is zero as shown below.

Fig 05 : Trial kitting

If there is no shortage of quantity for any of the product as you can see in the below case, ‘Maximum build quantity’ will show the maximum number of BOMs which can get created from the available stock.

Fig 06 : Trial kitting

So, the Trial Kitting shows us if you can build a specific amount of BOMs.