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Functionality of Phantom Products in Sage X3

Phantoms are also used if you want to set up a flow line for a product where you are building to a specific time and need all the components available at the correct place. In the Manufacturing process, it becomes a very heavy task to create multiple Manufacturing Order on a daily basis for some… Read More »

Trial Kitting in Sage X3

In Sage X3, BOMs provides a combined stock assembly and process costing function. You can specify finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components. You can use the Bill of Materials module on its own or as part of a group of Manufacturing modules, which includes Estimating, Planning, Work Orders and Operation Times modules. The ‘Component requirement calculation’ function… Read More »

Formula based Material Issue

This “Formula based material issue” concept will be mostly useful in Pharmaceutical Industries, as these type of industries produce medicines. In manufacturing process, drugs will be considered as Raw Material to produce one particular tablet/ medicine. For this, quantity of required drugs should be correctly calculated. By using this formula based concept we will be… Read More »

How to define the routing sequence no?

Sage X3 provide feature to define increment step that will be proposed by default for the definition of the routing operations. New Stuff: How to auto populate the dimensions on Sales Order detail? The operation numbers proposed in this way can be modified during the definition of the routings. The value is used to create several… Read More »

Components Where-used

Have you ever come across in circumstances where you want to know the list all the parent products of a component from the BOM file, with the quantity used for the latter. ?  New Stuff: Deleting a file from a directory Sage X3 provides a special feature to know the list all the parent products… Read More »

How to Disassemble the Assembly?

In our previous blog we saw how to create parent product by using assembly function. Here we will give the information on how to disassemble the parent product in X3. New Stuff: How to use the Assembly function in Sage X3? The disassembly function disassembles the BOM products into its subsequent components. To disassemble the parent… Read More »

How to use assembly function in X3?

Have you ever felt the need for increasing the inventory of finished goods without having to undergo the hassles of creating work orders and its associated processes?  The assembly functionality of Sage X3 provides you with an answer to this. New Stuff: All about X3 Recurring Journals The assembly creates an inventory receipt of the assembled… Read More »