How to create dashboard using statistical parameters in Sage X3 V12

By | October 28, 2021

In Sage X3, records can be displayed in many ways but sometimes there might be a requirement of displaying data on user login. Sage X3 allows one feature of displaying such data which can be called as landing pages or dashboard.

In this blog we will create graph in dashboard using statistical parameters in Sage X3. Consider a simple example for displaying data of sales invoice. Firstly, we need to create a statistical trigger which will be used in statistical parameter.

Navigate to All -> Setup -> Usage -> Statistics -> Statistical triggers

Click on New button and create a statistical trigger. Here triggering code is “YTEST”, triggering table is “SINVOICE” from which we want to show data and date field “ACCDAT” for the graph. In Advanced section, you can formulate statistical data as per requirement. Here, we have to create variables which hold sum of amounts in formula and will be displayed in statistics.

Fig 1: Statistical Parameters

Navigate to All -> Setup -> Usage -> Statistics -> Statistical parameters

Create statistical parameter as shown below where parameter code is “YSP”, Enable the “Active” checkbox, enter the trigger code “YTEST” which we created earlier, “update code” will come automatically in the screen and select the periodicity you want such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. for records to show in statistical graph.

Fig 2 : Statistical Parameters

Select Characteristic type whether “Real-time” or “Batch”, in fields we can add table fields to show, here we have selected “NUM” i.e. Document number, in values section we need to select the variables created in trigger screen, also in columns section, which field you want to display you need to select in formulas as shown in below figure.

Fig 3: Statistical parameters

Now, Navigate to All -> Setup -> Usage -> Statistics -> Dashboard views

Create a dashboard view as shown below where view code is “YDVTEST”, Type as “STA”, statistical code as “YSP”, in parameters set the formula as per requirement and Visual component as “ST1”, standard statistic (can be created new too).

Fig 4 : Dashboard views

Now, create a menu item for this statistical parameter which is required to add it in the landing page or dashboard. Select Link type as “Statistics” as shown in below figure.

Fig 5 : Menu item

Select Application as “X3 ERP”, endpoint your folder name, statistical parameter code “YSP” in Stat name, in parameters put the dashboard view code created as shown below and click on save button.

Fig 6 : Menu item

Now Navigate to All -> Administration -> Authoring -> Pages -> Home pages

Create a new dashboard page and add the new menu item created in “Gadgets” selection and select super administrator as “owner” and click on save, as shown in below figure.

Fig 7: Home page

If the graph is not visible in the dashboard page, then Navigate to All -> Usage -> Statistics -> Batch validation and select your statistical code, update type, since date and until date and click on “OK” button which will validate your statistical parameter and the graph will get visible in the dashboard page.

Fig 8 : Statistical validation
Fig 9 : Dashboard

By using above steps we can create dashboards using statistical parameters.

This blog helps us in creating or adding graph in dashboard or landing page using statistical parameter in Sage X3.